Is our handmade gemstone jewellery right for you?

Our handmade gemstone jewellery is for you if:
  • You want a unique piece of jewellery with special meanings and properties
  • You want to carry a piece of nature with you to connect you to the wonders of the universe and to help you journey within
  • You love the nature and imperfections of gemstones
  • You want your jewellery lovingly handmade especially for you
  • You want to support an Australia, handmade, female owned and led company
We won't be a good fit for you if:
  • You've left gift ordering to the last minute and you need it asap. Whilst we do make and ship items swiftly everything is handmade to order, and therefore we don't often have stock on hand to ship out immediately. We do however offer courier shipping upgrades on checkout and always prioritise orders that have paid for this service so we are able to get jewellery to arrive within a week in these cases.

  • You want flawless, impeccable gemstone jewellery. While our jewellery is made with the up-most care using high quality materials it is made using natural, hand cut gemstones and therefore imperfections are to be expected and treasured. It is evidence of it a being made using genuine gemstones rather than a man made material after all. If you're looking for a genuine gemstone that is flawless you won't be able to find one in this price range and we recommend shopping at a premier jewellers instead.

  • You want to choose the exact crystal(s) to be used in your jewellery. If this is the case online shopping may not be the best platform for your shopping needs and we recommend shopping in person if you are very particular about the type, colour, size and shape of your crystal. We generally make the jewellery to match our photos as closely as possible and are happy to choose a crystal from our collection that best suits your requirements if you let us know your preferences the message box on checkout.

  • You want a bespoke piece of jewellery created from your own design. While all our custom designs are customisable to your preferences, we are unable to offer any customisations beyond those options offered and cannot take on any bespoke jewellery design services at this time. However there are plenty of other talented and skilled jewellers out there who would be very happy to fulfil your request.